Checkout the stadium list for all 68 included stadiums with each stadium’s altitude, outfield wall dimensions, and a photo of the stadium. The photo will show the general height of the outfield walls. Higher the altitude, the further the ball will travel and easier to hit homeruns (in theory). The outfield wall dimensions also play a large part in how the game plays as a smaller field would allow for more homeruns than a larger field. The key is to find a stadium that is in a higher altitude with a shorter, or “normal”, outfield wall dimensions.

Many choose Shippett Stadium because it is at an altitude of 3002 feet above sea level (third highest in the game) and a somewhat smaller outfield wall dimensions. The outfield wall dimensions are 331 feet down the left field line, 388 feet in the left field power alley, 394 feet to straight away center field, 385 feet to the right field power alley, and 326 feet down the right field line. Looking at the photo, one can see that most of the outfield wall is approximately 8 feet tall and approximately 12 feet tall in right field.

My list will help you find other ballparks to play in when you are tired of playing at Shippett! Go there!