Stadium List

Here’s a list of all 68 stadiums that come with the game along with their altitudes and field dimensions. There are two stadiums above 5000 feet (Coors Field and Laughing Mountain Park), one at 3002 feet (Shippett Stadium), five over 1000 feet, twenty three between 550 and 990, thirteen between 127 and 455, twenty four that are between 6 and 55 feet in altitude. Most of the Minor League and Classic stadiums have a very large field dimension.

Clicking on the photo will bring up a larger image in a new window. The photos will allow you to see the general height of the outfield walls.

Minor League StadiumsAltitudePhotoLFPower AlleyCFPower AlleyRF
Wagonman Stadium1030363421362
Blue River Stadium45336367400390334
Laughing Mountain Park5005345420330
Center City Field700335400336
Red Rocks Stadium990340370450370340
Franco Park322323361398323
Main Street Field650326397326
Majestic Greens Stadium175331375410375331
Riverboat Field30331388405385326
Green Valley Stadium450337398347
Highland Park720337398400347
Barnes Canyon Ballpark127345420330
Shippett Stadium3002331388394385326
All American Park1168330404330
Oak Street Park811310408325
The Porch329335364-384408415330
Capitol Field282331388405385326
Crystal Falls Stadium141345420365330
Bayfront Park6330390403390330
Water Ridge Field747325364405364325
Ironhorse Stadium213336384336
Industry Center Stadium371340380410380340
Statesman Park574336390
MLB StadiumsAltitudePhotoLFPower AlleyCFPower AlleyRF
Chase Field1090330374-413407413-374334
Truist Park1050335385400375325
Oriole Park at Camden Yards20333364-410400373318
Fenway Park21310379390420-380302
Wrigley Field595355368400368353
Guaranteed Rate Field595330375400375335
Great American Ballpark550328379404370325
Progressive Field660325370400410-375325
Coors Field5280347390415375350
Comerica Park585345370420365330
Minute Maid Park40315362-404409408-373326
Kauffman Stadium750330387410387330
Angel Stadium of Anaheim160347390396370-365350
Dodger Stadium340330360-375400375-360330
Loan Depot Park10344386400387335
American Family Field635344371400374345
Target Field815339377-411403367328
Citi Field20335358-385408398-375330
Yankee Stadium55318399408385314
Rickey Henderson Field25330388400388330
Citizens Bank Park20329374-409401369330
PNC Park730325383-410399375320
Petco Park20334357-390396391-382322
Oracle Park65339364-399391415-365309
T-Mobile Park16331378401381326
Busch Stadium455336375400375335
Tropicana Field15315370404370322
Globe Life Field551329372407374326
Rogers Centre300328375400375328
Nationals Park35337377402370335
Spring Training StadiumsAltitudePhotoLFPower AlleyCFPower AlleyRF
Baseball City Field40332402332
Date Palm Field890331388405385326
Classic StadiumsAltitudePhotoLFPower AlleyCFPower AlleyRF
Shibe Park20334400447405329
Crosley Field550328378-383387387366
Forbes Field730360462442416376
Sportman’s Park455351379422354310
Polo Grounds20279455483449258
Griffith Stadium314405391-421438373320
Old Yankee Stadium55318399408385314
Shea Stadium20338371-396410396-358338
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome815343385408367327
Old Miami10330360-434404363345
Old Atlanta1050335380400390330
Old Texas551332354-390404407-377-349325
Field of Dreams951335380400380335